Stop Buruh Anak

Stop Buruh Anak

Senin, Juni 20, 2011


One of clusters of the rights of the child in the Convention on the Rights of the Child is civil rights and the rights to freedom. As an individual who is in growth and development process, a child has the right to freedom which can be neither eliminated nor deprived by others. Rights to freedom include the rights of the child to:
1. Role play
2. expression
3. participation
4. maintain contact with his or her parents in case of separation
5. practice his or her religion
6. assembly
7. association, and
8. live with his or her parents

To promote the rights of the child to participation, association and assembly, PKPA-Nias has facilitated the establishment of child organizations at community level in the island such as Bale Ono Niha, FS Serangkai, Nusa Lima and Pasar Beringin Child Association.

1. Bale Ono Niha
Bale Ono Niha (BON) is media to promote the rights of the child to freedom of expression without any discrimination although children have different backgrounds. Bale Ono Niha means Nias Child Forum. It is an independent child forum which has some programs, especially those related to the best interest of the child. It will celebrate its 3rd Anniversary on 7 May 2011. The event will be held in its base camp located on Jalan Makam Pahlawan, Mudik Village. Bale Ono Niha (BON) was established by PKPA-Nias on 5 May 2008.

2. Friendship Serangkai (FS Serangkai):
Friendship Serangkai was established on 20 February 2010. Its members are children between the ages of 10-17 years. The establishment of FS Serangkai was initiated and supported by Bale Ono Niha. FS Serangkai is located in Botombawo Village, the Sub District of Hiliserangkai. It is about 22 kilometers or 30-40 minutes drive from Gunung Sitoli. Most of its activities are implemented in Botombawo Village hall and this is supported by the village head. FS Serangkai has participated in various events, especially in the celebration of the National Children’s Day 2010 and Indonesia Independence Day. During these events, they performed Moyo dance and Band Sampah. Its regular program includes discussion about child issues and gender and socialization of the rights of the child in some areas.

3. Sanggar Belajar Anak Nusa Lima
Sanggar Belajar Nusa Lima (Nusa Lima Child Learning Center) was established on 2 March 2011. It is located in Fowa Village, the Sub District of Gunung Sitoli Idanoi. The name of Nusa Lima was chosen by children because the event was held in a tourist destination named Pantai Indah Nusa Lima Indah. Most of their parents work as fishermen, farmers, businessmen and civil servants. After school, they usually help their parents prepare their fishing tools and sell their parents’ catches door to door. With the establishment of Sanggar Belajar Anak Nusa Lima, children can be involved in various activities to enable them to develop their talent and potential and help their physical, mental and social development.

Written by PKPA-Nias Team
To be continued……………………….

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