Stop Buruh Anak

Stop Buruh Anak

Selasa, Juli 26, 2011



Gunungsitoli, 23rd July 2011

Celebrating national child day of 2011, PKPA is organizing many activities to raise local creativity and local tradition. Even far from big celebration in the city, but Nias children and Mudik community are very happy with this celebration facilitated by PKPA Nias. With the theme “Indonesia Child healthy, Creative, and honorable” PKPA Nias are colaborating with Mudik Community, Youth Organization Bale Ono Niha and Nusa Lima are making some contest.

In two days of celebration from 22nd – 23rd of July 2011, the contests are painting contest to junior high school with the theme : “my environment clean, my environment healthy”, the contestant have to paint on 10 meters white banner, each of them get 1 meter space. The second contest is making miniature of Nias Traditional house for high school students, the contestant must make miniature of traditional house that made from bamboo. And at 23rd of July, PKPA Nias make the celebration of National Child Day 2011, at Makam Pahlawan Street, Mudik Village, in front of Military Grave Yard. Attend in this celebration, representation of The Head of Mudik Village Mr. Budiman Telaumbanua, the Head of P2TP2A (united service centre for women and children protection) of Nias District, The director of Forniha and PESADA (local NGOs), and also community figure and the participant from Mudik Community and school teacher.

In his speech, the head of Mudik Village said that he is very happy with this celebration, PKPA Nias has done assistance in Gunungsitoli maximally, and he is hoping that the assistance will continue. This celebration also dedicated to the children around Gunungsitoli to join the traditional contest, such as eat chips, spoon race, bakiak race, putting nails into bottle, tempurung race and baloon dance. This contest are made to increase happiness for the children in their day, and as the moment to raise tradition values that already gotten rid by technology and modernization.

At this celebration also announced the winner of the painting and making miniature of traditional house contests, the names are announced by the jury. For the painting contest, the juries are Hery (tutor of sablon training in Prison), reni (reporter of Nias and Hendrik (Forniha), and the juries for the miniature of traditional house contest is Mr. Melkhior Duha from BPWN.

And the winner for the painting contest are the first winner is Artha Providensia Gulo from Pembda 2 junior high school of Gunungsitoli, the second is Roli Gulo from BNKP junior high school of Gunungsitoli, the third is Ahmad Tasrif Tanjung from Nahdatul Ulama junior high school . and the winner for the miniature of traditional house contest are the first winner are sandy setiawan Lase and Roni Kristian Laoli from Faliera high school, the second are ikhtiar Zebua and Beriman Sejahtera Zalukhu from Pembda 1 high school of Gunungsitoli, and the third are Peringatan Halawa and Lisman Zebua from 1st public high school of Gunungsitoli.

Each of them get a thropy and cash money, the amount are Rp. 250.000, Rp. 200.000 and Rp. 150.000 for painting contest, and for the miniature of traditional house, each of the winner get a thropy and cash money, the amount are Rp. 500.000, Rp. 400.000 and Rp. 300.000. the winner of the traditional contest also get many interesting gift, they get school kits and hygiene kits. (PKPA Nias Team)

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