Stop Buruh Anak

Stop Buruh Anak

Kamis, Maret 01, 2012


Yohanes Hulu (17 years)

Yohanes is the third son of five children. He lives in Ono Nazara Village, the Sub District of Tugala Oyo, the District of North Nias. He dropped out of elementary school in the fourth grade. Then, he left his village and worked in Pekan Baru. Having worked in a rubber plantation in Pekan Baru for nearly four years, his mother asked him to come back to his village after the death of his father. In his village, the boy works in a rubber plantation. His task is to transport rubber from river to land. He has been working as a rubber transporter for almost five years. He can transport 60-70 kilograms of rubber once and is paid IDR 50 per kilogram. He can transport 1-2 tons of rubber a day and therefore receives an average of IDR 100,000 or Euro 8.33 per day. He does not work alone in Teolo River, the Sub District of Tugala Oyo, the District of North Nias. There are some adults and 4-5 other children who also work in the river. One of them is Syukur Selamat Hia (16 years). He lives in Gunung Tua Village, the Sub District of Tugala Oyo, and is the eldest son of four children. He dropped out of elementary school when he was in the fourth grade. Currently, he becomes the family breadwinner.

Dian Telaumbanua (16 years)
Dian is the ninth daughter of ten children of Arosokhi Telaumbanua (56 years) and Si Iyam Jawa (40 years). She could only complete her elementary school because her parents could not afford to send her to junior high school for economic reason. The girl and her siblings work in their family’s rubber plantation. In addition, they work in a stone mine located on a hill. They work in the plantation from 6 to 11 a.m. and work in the stone mine from 1 to 5 p.m.

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